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When disputes arise between two or more parties, legal actions are often the result.  Whether you initiate a claim or need to defend yourself, it is critical to have legal representation that looks out for your rights and works hard to obtain the best results for you as the client.
The Litigation Group of Luce & Associates offers experienced litigators who obtain real, measurable results for our clients when other methods – and, in some cases, other firms – have not produced an acceptable outcome.  We accommodate both those clients with claims against other parties, and those clients seeking a seasoned advocate to formulate a strong, successful defense.
Our attorneys have tried cases in State and Federal courts throughout the country.  Our attorneys know how to manage a case to achieve the best possible outcome – and how to do so in a manner that is consistent with our client’s business goals.
We understand, however, that a trial is not always in the best interest of the client.  Recognizing the increasing pressure clients face to resolve cases without the risk and expense of a trial, we also have a long track record of securing the dismissal or settlement of lawsuits in the early stages of litigation, without the unnecessary expense of time and resources. 
Types of Litigation cases handled by the Litigation Group of Luce & Associates, P.S.:

Highlights of our Litigation practice

Appellate | Overview

The attorneys of Luce & Associates have represented clients in both State and federal appellate courts in Washington.  Although we handle appellate matters, our work often begins before the appeal phase.  We regularly consult with clients to help shape trial strategies and preserve important issues for appeal.  Our clients benefit from working with trial lawyers who understand the appellate process.

Arbitration | Overview

Arbitration has become a frequently preferred alternative method for resolving many types of commercial disputes.  As a result, many commercial contracts include a clause requiring arbitration as the exclusive method for resolving disputes.  While no single method of dispute resolution is right for every type of problem, Luce & Associates, P.S. litigators have extensive experience representing clients in arbitrations.  Many of our litigators have served as arbitrators appointed by organizations that sponsor alternative dispute resolution.

Business Litigation | Overview

The Luce & Associates Litigation Group regularly litigates matters that span the spectrum of complex commercial litigation.  We handle all types of contractual disputes, ranging from failed partnerships or business deals to commercial property disputes.  We also have significant experience litigating disputes arising from shareholder, partnership or LLC agreements where control of the business entity is at issue.  We have litigated contract disputes in federal and State courts and in a wide variety of arbitration forums. 
Our group prosecutes and defends business torts involving interference with contract, fraud, unfair competition, misappropriation of trade secrets and related claims.  While the majority of business disputes are resolved via motion or settlement before trial, our breadth of trial experience ensures that client matters that do settle are resolved on the most advantageous terms possible.  The attorneys in our Litigation Group share a common goal to vigorously represent and enforce the rights of our clients in their contracts and business dealings, and to do so as efficiently as possible.

Civil Rights | Overview

Luce & Associates, P.S. litigators are prepared to defend our clients' civil rights and demand basic standards for those protected rights of individuals.  Our litigators have experience in the areas of discrimination, defamation and harassment, including sexual harassment, racial discrimination or ethnic stereotyping.  Our litigators have handled complex, high profile cases against school districts, government entities, hospitals and employers.  Our goal is the protection of those rights belonging to our clients and we meet our clients’ objectives in a discrete and professional manner, without involvement of media or press.

Employment Litigation | Overview

Luce & Associates, P.S. litigators regularly appear in State and federal courts representing clients who have been marginalized or ill-treated by employers or co-workers.  Our Litigation Group handles claims of discrimination, wrongful discharge, wage-hour violations and other employment-related claims.  Our Litigation Group is positioned to handle a broad range of matters, offering our clients regular and substantial trial experience.  We work with clients to resolve disputes in a manner that is in line with their professional interests – whether it is through an alternative dispute resolution or through trial.  In addition, our motions practice is often successful in reaching a quick settlement on behalf of our clients.

General Civil Litigation | Overview

Luce & Associates, P.S. litigators devote their practice to taking cases to trial, offering a strategy of success from the first day of consultation.  Each case is thoroughly prepared through the use of innovative trial strategies and application of successful litigation techniques.  Through our highly successful litigation experience, our litigators are comfortable in the courtroom and offer a level of skill that puts clients at ease.

Government Liability | Overview

Luce & Associates, P.S. litigators assist clients when State, county and local governmental organizations fail to deliver the services to our citizens in a proper manner and in accordance with applicable standards of care and service.  Our Litigation Group is prepared to hold governmental organizations and individual governmental employees accountable for failures to meet those standards of care.  Our litigators strive to achieve measurable compensation for our clients and to ensure that other citizens do not suffer the same injuries in the future.

Medical Negligence | Overview

Luce & Associates, P.S. litigators are seasoned at handling claims against medical professionals, where clients have been injured due to negligence.  The consequences of medical negligence are often devastating, resulting in permanent physical and mental damages, or wrongful death.  Our litigators are skilled at navigating through the strict requirements of these claims, while also respecting the sensitive nature of these cases.  The litigators at Luce & Associates, P.S. have experience dealing with all forms of complicated medical negligence cases, helping you through the process and providing critical support.

Wrongful Death | Overview

Luce & Associates, P.S. litigators understand that the untimely death of a loved one can destroy a family, with the resulting emotional trauma and demands flowing from the loss.  Our litigators are experienced in dealing with wrongful death lawsuits, offering strong and sincere support with targeted and aggressive litigation skills to achieve compensation and justice.  Wrongful death occurs when a death has been caused by the negligent actions of another.  Wrongful death claims arise under a variety of circumstances.  Our Litigation Group is prepared to provide comprehensive support and direction during a difficult time.