Tacoma, WA


Our firm

Since 1967, the Law Office of Luce & Associates, P.S. have provided quality legal services to clients located throughout Washington State.  Our firm’s first and foremost priority has been to offer our clients exceptional, dependable and affordable representation maintaining the highest level of professional and ethical standards.
Founded by Kenyon E. Luce, we offer a variety of legal services to individuals, businesses and local governments.  Our highly experienced attorneys and staff are able to meet the diverse legal needs of our clients.  Our primary practice areas are listed on the left.

For the client with a complex problem, our attorneys and staff use a team approach.  This saves you time and money since our team of professionals have a wide variety of experience available to address all aspects of a legal issue.  Individuals, businesses, and municipalities have all benefited from this approach.
For military service members and their families, we understand your special situations.  Our attorneys have experience working with both civilian and military legal systems to protect the rights of our clients and pursue a favorable outcome.
Involvement in the community is an important focus at Luce & Associates.  Our firm works with a number of local civilian and military organizations, charities and governments in providing volunteer services and lending support to a variety of causes.  Whether sponsoring a family during the holidays, sending donated items to our service men and women overseas, or meeting with citizen groups to discuss their legal concerns, we are committed to providing assistance wherever it is needed.
We are proud to offer the necessary knowledge, resources and skills to effectively meet your legal needs.  Whether you are in need of an aggressive, experienced advocate or just need legal advice or documents, our attorneys and staff are here to help you.